The ludic city


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The Ludic City

Amsterdam has a longstanding legacy of progressive movements and creative interventions in public spaces. The latter have served across time as a main vehicle for developing a mature participatory culture, which shares strong ties to the fundamental activity of play. Whether we take as reference Aldo van Eyck’s work on urban playgrounds, the Situationist manifesto, or the more recent history of social centres and creative breeding places, play activities, in all their forms, provided a fertile ground for stimulating social inclusion and learning in the city.

The Ludic City exploration problematizes enrolment through play as transient form of citizenship and course of action to address the challenges, rules and imaginaries that govern various urban playgrounds. Exploring this route will enable event participants to reflect upon multiple instances of play, from playgrounds designated for children, traceurs and even local artists, to ones that accommodate all sorts of urban experiments and sustainability transitions in Amsterdam.

The main question to be addressed:

In what ways do the explored instances of play enable or inhibit forms of empowerment and ownership in the use of public spaces throughout the city?

Programme of The Ludic City route:

Thursday 28th of June 2018

14.00  Depart from AMS Institute (by public transport)

15.00  Arrival at Sloterplas – I Amsterdam parkour track

A community-based project that aims to turn Sloterpark into a recreational hotspot for locals and tourists. The I Amsterdam logo was upcycled into equipment for a free running and parkour track. Site visit, background information on the area and the project, open discussion and reflection session with local participants.

16.00  Depart from Sloterplas (by public transport)

17.00 Arrival at Marineterrein

The former navy site is envisioned by the municipality as a high-profile innovation district, where public space will provide a diverse and inclusive learning environment, as well as an infrastructure for outdoor sport activities. Site visit, background information on the area, workshop with our atelier students: Another brick in the wall at the Marineterrein? (Msc Atelier project link)

18.30  Depart from Marineterrein (walking)

18.50  Arrival at Amsterdam Centraal

Friday 29th of June 2018

09.30 Depart from the AMS institute (cycling)

10.00 Arrival at Tolhuistuin – Veer Buiksloterweg

A main cultural centre of Amsterdam Noord, which connects the local community with artists and creative entrepreneurs through theatre, literature, journalism, poetry, visual arts, music festivals and programs around cultural and historical heritage. Site visit, guided tour with one of the local artists and open discussion.

11.00 Depart from Tolhuistuin (cycling)

11.15 Arrival at Breedveld playground

Part of the municipality’s Moving City programme, the playground was recently inaugurated in one of “the poorest and least physically active neighbourhoods of Amsterdam” to create for children and local residents more opportunities to meet, play and engage in sport activities[1]. Site visit, background information on the area and the project, open discussion and reflection session with local participants.

12.15 Depart from Breedveld playground (cycling)

12.30 Arrival at De Ceuvel – cleantech playground

An award-winning initiative, proudly described by the community as “a city playground for innovation and creativity”, and as an experiment that aspires “to make sustainability tangible, understandable and fun”[2]. Site visit, guided tour with one of the community members and open discussion.

13.00 Lunch at Cafe De Ceuvel

14.00 Overlap and reflection session together with the participants to The Circular City route.

15:45 Depart from De Ceuvel (cycling)

16.00 Arrival at NDSM Wharf

Formerly home to one of the largest shipbuilding facilities in the world, the site was transformed into a thriving creative hub by a group of artists, skateboarders and social entrepreneurs with tight connections to the squatting movement. Site visit, guided tour with one of the local artists and open discussion – overlap with The Density and The Informal City route.

17.30 Depart from NDSM Wharf (cycling)

18.00 Arrival at AMS Institute – Drinks

[1] The future of public space, AMS, La Fabrique de la Cité, Arup, March 2018