The ludic city


Amsterdam has a longstanding legacy of progressive movements and creative interventions in public spaces. The latter have served across time as a main vehicle for developing a mature participatory culture, which shares strong ties to the fundamental activity of play. Whether we take as reference Aldo van Eyck’s work on urban playgrounds, the Situationist manifesto, or the more recent history of social centres and creative breeding places, play activities, in all their forms, provided a fertile ground for stimulating social inclusion and learning in the city.

The Ludic City tour problematizes engagement through play as a temporary form of citizenship and as strategy to reflect on the challenges, rules and imaginaries that govern various urban playgrounds. Taking this tour will enable event participants to explore multiple instances of play, from playgrounds designated for children use, to ones that accommodate all sorts of urban experiments and sustainability transitions in Amsterdam.

The main question to be addressed on this route

In what ways do the explored instances of play enable or inhibit forms of empowerment and ownership in the use of public spaces throughout the city?

Nodes on the route for the time being

– Children Playground(s) in A’dam Noord

– Marine terrain (Msc Atelier project link)

– De Ceuvel