The ‘hinterland’ Amsterdam-Durgerdam

Centrale Dorpenraad Landelijk Noord

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The circular city

It is hard to believe that just North of the IJ in Amsterdam, there is an agricultural landscape with small villages, a diversity of different types of farms (all in all around 30), good conditions for meadow birds and a total of around 2500 inhabitants. This open landscape is well known: a recent survey has counted 3 million recreationists per year. The challenge here is to develop a vision that helps sustain this widely appreciated landscape in the urban fringe, against the background of sinking peatlands and associated CO2 emissions, a complex system of water management measures, and a highly diverse and active population. How can the historical cultural landscape, with its diverse attractions and longstanding relations with the city of Amsterdam, enhance a type of recreation that is adding qualities for the people in the area and also make the special qualities visible?

The atelier team will explore the different views and wishes, and design future scenarios to inspire future developments. The Dorpsraad takes an active position in the process and the Atelier team is to work closely together with representatives of this group.

Questions in this project involve the following:

  • How can measures taken in city and countryside mutually strengthen one another in such a way that this open land in the vicinity of the city can withstand pressures, such as those related to climatic changes?
  • What are the unique qualities and challenges of the area and to what extent are they interrelated?
  • How can recreation and tourism contribute to sustainable regional and local development, taking into account environmental, economic and socio-cultural perspectives?


To maximize time in the field, there is a working space available for the students to work locally at the Dorpsraad.